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We have dozens of years experience in bathrooms, before starting the all trades company we owned a very successful company that focussed on installing bathrooms. We can be flexible to the needs of each individual client whether you want a bespoke designed bathroom with luxury tiles and fittings or you want something cheap and fast utilising materials like wet wall panels we can help get you the bathroom of your dreams. At Home Trades Scotland we employ a full team of trades, so when renovating your bathroom you decide you would like new spot lights etc we can help you from start to finish without outsourcing any work to external companies.

Install only
if you have bought a bathroom suite yourself and need a plumber to fit it for you we would be more than happy to discuss your project, the only thing we would say about this, is it often pays dividends to let an expert take your project off your hands and deliver it correctly first time, we have dealt with several cases over the years where people try and save money by ordering their own materials, and order the wrong thing that leads to delays and sometimes further costs, that being said if you still want to order it yourself and have us fit it for you we would be happy to talk about it.

WC Conversion 
If you have a space under your stairs or a cupboard in your home you would like to turn into a toilet, we can help. We would start by making sure your plan works in terms of the plumbing to the selected area, then start to think about how to make the most out of what space you have, often downstairs toilet conversions are quite tight and a lot of thought needs to go into how to make it work.

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